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Updates on the current outbreak of coronavirus (Covid-19)

Laskettelukausi 2019–2020 oli monissa Pohjois-Suomen keskuksissa hieno, mutta loppui valitettavasti etuajassa.
Laskettelukausi 2019–2020 oli monissa Pohjois-Suomen keskuksissa hieno, mutta loppui valitettavasti etuajassa.
Ski resorts have initiated major measures to slow down the spreading of corona virus. In addition to many smaller ski resorts also the big resorts in Northern Finland will prematurely close down for the season 2019-2020.

Resorts Levi, Ylläs, Ruka, Pyhä, Ounasvaara, Pallas, Olos and Luosto in Northern Finland have issued an announcement on Friday the 20th March at 14.00 about closing down the season of 2019-2020. Already prior to this many local resorts around Finland have announced premature season termination.

Levi and Ylläs will close their slope operations on Friday the 27th of March. Ruka and Pyhä will close their slopes, Hotel Pyhätunturi and rental services at both resorts on the 28th of March 2020.

”This is a very tough decision, but the only correct one in the situation where we all have to contribute to stop the virus and first and foremost to ensure the well being of our guests and staff under these exeptional circumstances”, says CEO of Ruka and Pyhä Ville Aho.

”We had to give severe consideration to the impact of our actions on our customers, staff and the community, however we know our decision to the correct and responsible one at the moment. We thank all our customers for the great ski season we’ve had so far”, says CEO of Levi Ski Resort Jouni Palosaari.

Until a week ago there was hope that by following recommendations the ski season could have continued. Unfortunately, the corona virus pandemic situation has rapidly become worse and the healthcare authorities recommend also restrictions for domestic tourism.

Downhill skiers, snowboarders and all other travelers are now requested for understanding for this exceptional situation. The resorts are receiving loads of questions about the topic and they do their best to respond those. So in addition to understanding also patience is required.

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