Welcome to the winter wonderland

The beauty of Finnish nature strikes with its beauty. White snow, trees crowned by snow, different shades of blue and northern lights are all worth experiencing.

Think about the trees crowned by snow, red cheeks from the cold and pure white snow everywhere. Add nordic lights and starry nights and you have a Finnish winter at its best.

Did you used to think, that the blue hour exists only in ads or dreams? The little sun in the horizon we have during the polar night period, creates a magical blue moment when the sun reflects in the snow.  Fast forward in springtime, the sun doesn’t seem to set at all. You can track the time only by checking your watch. Days seem endless…

Ski resort help winter by making snow on their own. When the cold weather arrives in the autumn, ski resorts start running their snow cannons.This is to ensure that all the fun gets to start right when it’s possible weather-wise, even if it’s not snowing yet.

There’s is an exceptionally long skiing season in Finland. Some resorts welcomes skiers to their slopes as early as in October. Once it starts to snow, one can ski until May in many resort!