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Snow: Winter’s white gold

Ruka in December 2016.
While there are no glaciers in Finland, the country still boasts an incredibly long ski season, stretching past 200 days a year.

Ruka now opens already in October and closes in May. In 2017, Saariselkä actually re-opened their north-facing slopes for Midsummer’s Day!

The amount of snowfall varies slightly year by year, but snow is guaranteed every winter. Lapland is typically blanketed white from December until May, and many consider March and April to be the best months for springtime skiing. White, pristine snow coupled with clean air and sunshine might be hard to beat, but some powder-hounds actually prefer January and February, when the sun does not affect their snowy playground.

While natural snow is guaranteed, many are too anxious to wait. Luckily for them, all major ski resorts have world-class snow production systems. Levi has more than 200 snow cannons at their disposal, which can produce enough snow to fill a lorry in eight seconds! Levi has also started storing snow over the summer, a technique pioneered by Ruka, now Europe’s most snow-sure ski resort.

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