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Long season lets you try different kind of ski sports

Skiing season is incredibly long in Finland. It’s pretty unique to be able to ski from October to May. Take a look at these sunny slopes in Ylläs in April.
Finnish winter offers an exceptionally long skiing season. First resorts are open in October and the last ones let you ski until May.

First slopes are ready for skiers as early as in October. The opening is assured by storing the snow from the previous year. When the cold weather arrives, resorts start projecting snow. This happens usually between October and November. Nearly every stations is open by Christmas. Every slope and other recreation areas, such as snow parks are ready after the New Year’s eve.

In the Southern Finland, the season will last until April, but this may vary from one year to another. In the Northern Finland, you’re able to ski until mid-May. Usually, there would still be snow, but when the weather gets warmer, Finns prefer to put their skis to the storage and get ready for the bbq season. For many enthusiastic, though, the end of spring is by far the most enjoyable time to ski. There is plenty of snow and sun, the high season is over and the atmosphere is relaxed.

Finnish winter has many sides and natures. You’ll be able to experience everything from extreme cold to wearing a t-shirt while skiing, and from illuminated slopes to the shiny sun rays in the springtime.

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Due to Covid only Finns will be able to enjoy the magnificent Finnish nature and weather in ski season 2020–2021.
Laskettelukausi 2019–2020 oli monissa Pohjois-Suomen keskuksissa hieno, mutta loppui valitettavasti etuajassa.
Suomen Hiihtoresortyhdistys on julkaissut koronavirukseen liityvän suosituksen hiihtokeskuksille ja resortten asiakkaille.

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