Sappee 21.9.2021
Muista noudattaa rinnesääntöjä. Muista noudattaa rinnesääntöjä.

Ski slope safety, ski slope rules

Ski slope rules

  1. Make sure your equipment is adjusted to your size, weight and ability. Use of a helmet is recommended.
  2. Respect the lift line and prepare to share the lift with fellow skiers. Get off the lift only at designated areas.
  3. Select the slope and adapt your speed according to your skills and the environment. Always familiarize yourself with special areas in advance.
  4. Keep your distance when you pass the skiers below and ahead of you. Pay additional attention to small children.
  5. Stop only at places where you can be easily seen. If you need to go uphill, always do it along the edge of the slope.
  6. Do not ski too fast. Pay attention to local slope and snow conditions.
  7. Sledging is only allowed in separately designated areas.
  8. You always ski at your own risk.
  9. Using the slopes under the influence of alcohol/drugs is prohibited.
  10. In the event of accidents, your duty is to assist. Report any accidents immediately to ski area staff.

Always respect the signs at the ski centre and follow the instructions of the staff.

The staff is authorised to take away the skipass from anyone who ignores the slope rules.

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Due to Covid only Finns will be able to enjoy the magnificent Finnish nature and weather in ski season 2020–2021.
Laskettelukausi 2019–2020 oli monissa Pohjois-Suomen keskuksissa hieno, mutta loppui valitettavasti etuajassa.
Suomen Hiihtoresortyhdistys on julkaissut koronavirukseen liityvän suosituksen hiihtokeskuksille ja resortten asiakkaille.