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Ski Resort of the Year 2018 is Sappee

The selection of the Ski Resort of the Year, Local Resort of the Year and the Ski School of the Year crowned the amazing ski season 2017–2018. The winners were announced 25 April 2018 at Finnish Ski Area Association’s spring meeting at Pyhä.

The winners are: Ski Resort of the Year: Sappee Ski Centre, Local Resort of the Year: Ruskotunturi and Ski School of the Year: Saariselkä Ski School. The winners were chosen by a jury led by Visit Finland.

”All the winners, Sappee Ski Centre, Ruskotunturi and Saariselkä Ski School, have done a great job increasing Finnish tourism. The winners’ determinant work and creative innovations have increased the whole branch and created new customer demand for ski resort business”, says Paavo Virkkunen – head of the jury and Executive Vice President of Business Finland.

The Ski Resort of the Year Sappee inspires new and old skiers

The high-quality operations of Sappee Ski Resort located in Pälkäne convinced the jury. Well maintained slopes and service-minded staff were praised. Specialized technique slopes such as snowpark was designed and maintained exemplary. Their new Family Park makes it even easier to start skiing and snowboarding.

The ski resort of the year is also an innovator. With marketing, product development and pricing, Sappee ski resort has created unforeseen demand for the ski resort industry. Their season pass campaign was first of its’ kind and created not only new skiers and snowboarders but also reactivated many less active skiers and snowboarders. This is a benefit for the whole industry.

Ruskotunturi in Oulu is the Local Resort of the Year

Also known as the newest ski resort in Finland, Ruskotunturi located in Oulu ensures that skiers and snowboarders in Oulu region can benefit from well maintained slopes. Ruskotunturi is a great place for learning the basics of skiing, and also had technique slopes for instance for freestyle skiing.

The jury encourages Ruskotunturi to continue the development of the resort, as the resort has also activated ski club activity in the area.

The Ski School of the Year is the open-minded and ever-developing Saariselkä Ski School

Saariselkä Ski School is a familiar sight in the slopes of Saariselkä. The ski school develops its operation and products closely together with the ski resort. The ski school has played a big part in developing the completely renewed freestyle park and the events of the ski resort.

Saariselkä Ski School has open-mindedly developed the learning slopes, teaching methods and ski school packages to match the needs of foreign tourists. Thus also the significance of the ski school has become bigger to the whole tourism area. Saariselkä Ski School’s development has been fast during the last three years, which is also visible in the revenue.

Jury and customers’ opinions determined the winners

The Ski Resort of the Year, Local Resort of the Year and Ski School of the Year were selected by a jury formed by the representatives of Visit Finland – Business Finland, Finnish Snowboard Association, Ski Sport Finland, Finnish Ski Instructor Association and media representatives. The winner selection was based on ski resort staff and customers’recommendations. Customers’ opinions were collected through an online survey which was filled by nearly 2 900 Finnish skiers and snowboarders.

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