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Finnish ski resorts are practically guaranteed to have snow for the whole season

Welcome to the wonderful Finnish winterland!

There are over one hundred ski resorts in Finland. That’s quite a high number for a country that has no mountains. Instead of mountains, there are a great deal of hills, which are covered with snow for about 200 days a year.


Making skiing easy

In Finland, you are able to ski almost everywhere. There are about 70 ski resorts all around Finland.


Finland – an alpine country with no mountains

Over the years, Finnish skiers and snowboarders have been frequently seen on the podiums in the World Cups or other big global games and in films, too.


Renting the gear gives an easy start

Ski resorts offer always well-maintained modern ski gear for rent. Suitable gear makes it easier to learn all the tricks faster.


Welcome to the winter wonderland

Think about the trees crowned by snow, red cheeks from the cold and pure white snow everywhere. Add nordic lights and starry nights and you have a Finnish winter at its best.


Make the most out of skiing – we take care of your security

Well-maintained and snowed slopes with clear signs are a good basis for a safe ski holiday. However, two other important things are to keep in mind: your own attitude and action.


Places of performance are always well kept

Jumps, rails, pipes and other places for tricks attract young skiers and snowboarders and, in an increasing pace, older ones as well.


Easy start

In Finland, a great deal of effort is put on making skiing easy and safe. When the slopes are easy enough and well taken care of in, learning is easier and nothing’s stopping the fun from starting.


Wearing the right clothes makes a better day in the slopes

Finnish winter can be cold, windy and chilly. By dressing correctly, you get to enjoy the winter sports and spectacular scenery to the fullest in every weather. Take a look at this guide on how to dress for a Finnish winter.


Long season lets you try different kind of ski sports

Finnish winter offers an exceptionally long skiing season. First resorts are open in October and the last ones let you ski until May.


There’s always a slope around the corner

In Finland it’s almost impossible to find a place with no slopes in the sight. Even in the region of Helsinki, you can find a dozen of ski resorts. The nearby ski resorts offer a variety of activities to any skier from first-timer to experienced.


Fun from the morning to the late evening

Ski resorts are divers travelling destinations that offer all sorts of entertaining activities. A great deal of activities are outdoors, as Finnish nature provides amazing experiences.

Southern Finland
See resorts
0/127 Slopes open
2/94 Lifts running
1km Nordic skiing tracks open
Central Finland
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0/135 Slopes open
0/87 Lifts running
0km Nordic skiing tracks open
Northern Finland
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0/287 Slopes open
1/141 Lifts running
70km Nordic skiing tracks open