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A winter wonderland

Skiing in Ylläs, Lapland.
Winter can be tough to love for some people, and in many parts of the world, it’s hard to fault them. Rain and damp cold are something we humans tend to naturally avoid at all costs. But when the temperature drops enough, you no longer have to worry about getting wet, and that changes everything.

Skiing is a favourite winter pastime in Finland, but it is far from the only activity you can enjoy! When water turns to ice and rain into snow, autumn’s dark woods transform into enchanted white forests that just beg to be explored on snowshoes or skis.

You can even go to a safari house to get equipped with warm clothes, a guide, sled and a howling pack of huskies that will rocket you silently through Lapland’s white wilderness. Your sojourn can include all manner of wondrous things: stargazing, birdwatching or hunting for the magical northern lights. Just think of all the photo opportunities!

Once you’ve had your fill of speed and wilderness, you can slow down a notch and enjoy ice fishing, skating or simply making a snowman! If that’s not your cup of tea, nothing stops you from enjoying city life. Fascinating museums, authentic restaurants and shops for souvenirs, ski gear or fresh Nordic design are all at your disposal, even above the Arctic Circle. At Levi, you can even combine all of the above with world-class skiing and finish the day at a luxury spa!

Winter really is full of wonders! if you want to learn more about Finland’s winter and all its potential, visit

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Due to Covid only Finns will be able to enjoy the magnificent Finnish nature and weather in ski season 2020–2021.

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