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Places of performance are always well kept

Jumps, rails, pipes and other places for tricks attract young skiers and snowboarders and, in an increasing pace, older ones as well.

If you’re a beginner, the miniparks are the best places to start practicing stunts. These areas are designed for small children and beginners and where it’s safe to try out freestyle skiing.

Resort staff check all the places of performance on a daily basis, while the most popular locations are verified several times a day. Resorts that are specialized in parks have park managers, who are constantly renovating the parks, painting snow boarders and ensuring the decency of the whole equipment. Even though the parks are in good condition, remember to always check them out before the first slide.

Get to know others

Snowparks are very social places, so take time to get to know other skiers and snowboarders. Therefore, if you have questions or are wondering something, don’t hesitate to ask for tips and speak with others. Helping others is part of the culture in the snowparks.

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