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Easy start

Well-maintained slopes give you an easy start. Instructors are experienced and fluent in several languages. Photo is from the Vuokatti Ski School.
In Finland, a great deal of effort is put on making skiing easy and safe. When the slopes are easy enough and well taken care of in, learning is easier and nothing’s stopping the fun from starting.

Learning to ski is best to start in easy, good conditioned areas with gentle slopes. Beginners’ slopes are often in a separate area so that they may learn safely and in peace. Once you are able to brake and make turns smoothly on a gentle slope, you can move on to the higher and steeper ones.

Lift planning has a significant role in obtaining a good experience also. Using lifts gets easier when you can get on the elevator from an even spot and exit from it on a spot that has a slight decline. Usually, beginners’ slopes have easy-to-use “magic carpets”, and button or anchor lifts. Lift staff is always ready and happy to help you with using the lift.

In the ski schools, you’ll meet experienced skiing instructors who will help and guide you right from the beginning. Ski lessons are offered in different languages, and you may choose between individual tuition and group lessons.

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