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Welcome to the wonderful Finnish winterland!

Finnish ski resorts are practically guaranteed to have snow for the whole season.
There are over one hundred ski resorts in Finland. That’s quite a high number for a country that has no mountains. Instead of mountains, there are a great deal of hills, which are covered with snow for about 200 days a year.

Every self-respecting hill in Finland has a ski resort or two. The smallest ski resorts may have just one lift and two slopes. On the other hand the largest resort, Levi, has 45 slopes and 26 lifts. At the highest fell Ylläs, the greatest vertical is 463 meters and the longest run is 3 000 meters.

Guaranteed snow

Finnish ski resorts are practically guaranteed to have snow for the whole season, which, at the first resorts, starts as early as October and ends, at the latest, in May. For this, we can thank our northern location and the efficient snowing systems.

Excellent condition of the slopes

The slopes at Finnish ski resorts are always in excellent condition, with no rocks or ice. This is thanks to investments in enormous snowing systems, as well as careful grooming of the slopes.

Hardly any waiting lines and no rush at the slopes

There’s hardly ever a need to wait in a line for a lift. And if so, it’s merely a question of minutes. The lift systems used in Finland are the most modern and efficient in the world, and the number of the lifts is high compared to the slopes. The slopes are generally wide with lots of space.


The ski areas are very well defined and it’s almost impossible to get lost. There are no dangerous drops or cliffs in the ski areas, nor a danger of avalanches.

A variety of slopes

You’ll find slopes to fit every skill level at Finnish ski resorts. Even small children and absolute beginners can enjoy skiing down the gentle family slopes. Most of the slopes are pretty easy, wide and not very long. But there are also some world-class race slopes that are challenging enough for experts, as well as plenty of parks and streets for snowboarders and new school skiers.

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