Salla 4.12.2023

Finnish Ski Areas Association guidance for the public on use of Ski resorts – effective October 1, 2021

  • Only come to the slopes healthy.
  • Wash hands regularly and encourage respiratory hygiene/cough etiquette.
  • Purchase your tickets online and use contactless payment method whenever possible.
  • Follow social distancing rules.
  • Be responsible, follow the ski rules of conduct, and any instructions given by the staff.

Recommendations has bee updated 14th April 2022.

Did you read these?

Due to Covid only Finns will be able to enjoy the magnificent Finnish nature and weather in ski season 2020–2021.
Laskettelukausi 2019–2020 oli monissa Pohjois-Suomen keskuksissa hieno, mutta loppui valitettavasti etuajassa.
Suomen Hiihtoresortyhdistys on julkaissut koronavirukseen liityvän suosituksen hiihtokeskuksille ja resortten asiakkaille.