Nuuksio Bike Park 15.5.2024

QKLS is an international lifestyle brand that combines individual athletes, events, media and merchandise. The foundation of snowboarding is built on strong groups. QKLS takes that ideology into today making a
brand that goes beyond nationality. It’s not about national team: it’s a unique group you can relay to no matter where you live or what you do. QKLS goal is to reach snowboarders and likeminded people around the globe and to be a vanguard of fresh sport/youth culture.

Snowboarding is one of the most visible winter sports with Finnish riders staying in the top field for over twenty years. More than an outdoor sport, it’s a lifetime deal and a whole lifestyle for youth and youth-minded people: international, vibrant, cheerful, visual and. significantly pro charity kind of lifestyle.

With values like equality, concern of the environment and joy of physical movement, snowboarding stands out from the more traditional sports. It’s a comprehensive culture that gives back to the community. Individuality and communality in the same package. That’s what snowboarding and Finnish Snowboard Association represents.

QKLS brand is operated and owned by FSA.